Aquatic Plant Nursery

 Water Lilies

In our nursery we grow water lilies in many different colours including tropical and miniature varieties.  Water lilies are the classic aquatic plant with their floating lily pads and beautiful coloured blooms of white, red, pink, yellow and apricot.  For them to thrive we recommend at least 20cm to 2mtrs of water over the top of the plant and at least five hours of sunshine to flower from October to May.  Yellow and Apricot varieties can flower with less sun.  Remember that water lilies are dormant over Winter with their foliage dying back to re-emerge in Spring.  Water lilies help control algae by giving surface cover and also protection for fish during the growing season.  


Submerged Aquatics

We have a wide variety of submersible aquatic plants that are decorative and also oxygenating. Having a range of pond plants is beneficial in a water garden.  They grow in different conditions such as shade or sun, foliages are wide and varied as are flowers.  Deciduous, annual and evergreen varieties are available depending of the time of the year. Many varieties are native to Australia.




  • Giant Vallisneria Large green/rust coloured ribbon-like leaves.  Excellent oxygenating plant.  semi-shade (eg. Next to water lilies).  Water depth up to one metre.
  • Vallisneria         Small grass-like leaves.  Excellent oxygenating plant that plays an important part in maintaining a correct ecological balance in ponds for minimal algae. Semi shade (ge. Next to water lilies)    Water depth up to one metre.
  • Potamogaten australiensis  Native small leaves floating or standing above water.  Submerged leaves are strap-like.  Small flowers.  Full sun. 
  • Elodea     Dense feathery whorls of leaves around stem, small white flowers, excellent for spawning fish.  Semi to full shade.  Evergreen, place next to water lilies.  Water depth up to one metre.
  • Saggitaria Natans Very pretty small strap-like leaves with tiny white flowers.  One of our favourites, looks fantastic in small water bowls.  Full sun or shade.    Water depth up to 45cm.  Thrives in shade..
  • Ludwigia Small, oval, light green, emergent leaves turning a reddish colour as it matures.  Water depth up to 45cm and suitable for shallow ponds.  Yellow flowers, good for surface cover and spawning fish and frogs.    Full sun to semi-shade.
  • Milfoil (Myriophyllum varifolium) A very attractive evergreen aquatic plant with emergent, erect, feathery green plumes which trail across the water surface all year.  Full sun to semi-shade.  Slow growing, ideal for spawning fish and frogs.     Water depth up to 60cm.
  • Bacopa sp.           Fleshy bright green, lemon scented leaves on stems with a soft purple or blue flower in Summer. Water depth up to 45cm and suitable for shallow ponds.


Decorative Aquatics



  • Villarsia         A lovely native with small lily shaped leaves.  Yellow flowers on stems around 30cm above water surface.  Full sun to semi-shade.  Water depth up 45cm.
  • Water Poppy (Hydrocleys nymphoides)     A must have for the water garden. Oval shaped leaves.  Gorgeous,large yellow poppy-shaped flowers.  Very hardy, will grow in sun or shade.  Excellent flowering plant for shady areas.  Water depth up to 45cm. Sun or shade.  Evergreen if protected from frost.
  • Water Fringe (Nymphoides Geminata)      Small lily-shaped leaves.  Small star-shaped, fringed yellow flowers.  Terrific for small shallow ponds. Sun or shade.  Water depth up to 45cm.  Sun or shade. Perennial, dormant over Winter.  Australian native.
  • Nardoo (Marsilea sp)            Exquisite four leaf clover foliage.  Leaves change from green to copper colour with age.  Water depth to 30cm.  Perennial, dormant over Winter.  Sun or semi-shade. Australian native.
  • Vietnamese Mint (Polygonum odoratum)              Beautifully marked narrow emergent leaves, thrives in moist, boggy soil and can be submerged in water.  Leaves used as flavouring.  Sun or shade.  Grows to one metre.
  • Water Ribbon (Triglochin Procera)           Long ribbon-like floating leaves in flowing water or erect in still water.  A native wetland plant that will grow in wet mud or  in water up to 2 metres deep. 



Marginal/Bog Plants

Bog plants add so much to a water garden's  eco-system. Planted in and around ponds they add to the habitat for frogs, birds, fish and other wildlife to breed and provide shelter.  They also draw up nutrient in the soil and water to help keep algae levels down.  From reeds to groundcovers, colourful blooms to native grasses the options are wide and varied.


Marginal Plants


  • Cyperus Alternafolis             Numerous graceful umbrella-like heads of dark green foliage.   Great as a feature in a variety of positions from garden beds to damp areas and in ponds.  Hardy to frost, sun or semi-shade.
  • Cyperus Nana (Dwarf)          An interesting addition to any water garden in a sunny position. Evergreen dwarf papyrus with tassle-like foliage on short stems.  Grows to one metre and enjoys wet feet.  Sun or semi shade.
  • Giant Papyrus (Cyperus Papyrus)              Impressive, tall grassy moisture loving plant with large umbrellas of tassle-like heads.  A real feature in and around water gardens.  Needs protection from frost. Up to two metres.  Sun to part shade.
  • Saurus Cernuus (Lizards Tail)        Attractive deciduous bog plant with heart-shaped leaves ideal for  providing a backdrop for smaller plants in the water garden and creamy white flowers blooming for a long period over Summer.  Grows in sun to part shade in moist soil or submerged in water up to 20cm.  
  • Caltha Palustris         A ground covering marginal plant that flowers in early Spring with buttercup bright yellow flowers and glossy lily shaped leaves similar to violets.  Thrives in boggy, wet areas around pond edges in full sun.
  • Restio Tetraphyllus               Ideal native bog garden plant with soft weeping foliage and rusty brown flowers in Spring and Summer. Drought resistant once established.
  • Acorus Gramineus (Sweet flag)       Rush with broad dark green aromatic foliage.  Grows best in a sunny position and thrives in moist sites or in shallow water around ponds.  Frost tolerant.  Ideal as a ground cover at the waters edge.  Up to half a metre.
  • Acorus Gramineus Variegated        Attractive green and cream variegated foliage.  Looks terrific at the waters edge, frost tolerant and grows up to half a metre.  Sun or semi-shade.
  • Pontederia Cordata (Pickeral Rush)          A plant of noble proportions producing numerous stems consisting of oval shaped leaves with soft blue or white spiked flowers from centre of leaf.  Thrives in shallow water in a sunny position.
  • Salvia Ulignosa (Bog Sage)               An ornamental sage with bright blue flowers in summer and autumn.  Lovely scented leaves.
  • Zantedeschia (Green Goddess)        A plant with large leaves and tall mottled green and white flowers most of the year.
  • Zantedeschia (Arum Lily)    A plant with large leaves and tall pure white flowers with yellow stamen most of the year.
  • Sagittaria Graminea (Arrow Head)            Arrowhead shaped leaves with erect flower spikes bearing white flowers.
  • Canna Shot Lily        Rhizomatous perennial.  Flowering stems grow up through green leaves topped with showy flowers in various colours in Spring and Summer.
  • Colocasia esculenta (Purple Taro)              Evergreen tuberous perennial with large dark pruple arrowhead shaped leaves.
  • Gunnera (Manicata)             A spectacular perennial plant with huge, prickly leaves up to a metre across. Ideal for bog gardens and around ponds where space is available, likes shade.
  • Blue Sedge (Carex Riparia)                         Grass-like, water loving, blue-green foliage, grows to 70cm.
  • Triangular Sedge      Tall, erect and grass-like with trianglar shaped foliage.  Water loving, great for adding height in water gardens.  Grows to one metre.
  • Star Grass (Rhynchospora colorata)          Sedge, great for bog gardens, white star flowers all Summer.  Sun or shade but keep moist.  Height 30cm.
  • Caltha Palustris        Kidney shaped leaves, yellow buttercup flowers in Spring/Summer, ground covering bog plant.
  • Cotton Grass (Eriophorum Angustifolim)             Grass-like sedge with plumes of silky, fluffy cotton balls in Summer.  Grows to 30cm.  Hardy.
  • Rose Queen or Purple Loosestrife (Lythrum Salicaria)                Hardy, moisture loving perennial.  Pink flowers in Summer over long period.  Grows up to one metre.
  • Water Mint (Mentha Aquatica)      Mint scented leaves, great for bog gardens or may be submerged in water up to 10cm.  White ball shaped heads of flowers.  Full sun, grows up to 40cm.

Creeping Jenny (Lysimachia nummularis)            A carpeting plant with small round leaves.  Grows in moist areas or in shallow water.  Bright yellow cup shaped flowers.

            Juncus            Interesting, stiff, hollow, upright foliage with brown flower tassles. 

            Evergreen.  Clumping.  May be submerged to over top of pot or in boggy spot

around ponds.  Sun or part shade.  Important shelter and breeding ground to fish, birds and insects.  Grows to 1 metre.


            Hibiscus coccineus    Show stopping large deep red flowers atop stems growing

1 – 1.5 metres high with lovely maple leaf like foliage.  Perennial.  Sun to part shade, Boggy spot or submerged to just over top of pot.



We love Iris and have a large collection of the Japanese Iris Ensata as well as the superior water Iris Pseaudacorus.  Iris Louisiana is another perennial that thrives in moist gardens and shallow water that we grow in our nursery.  A personal favourite though is Iris Siberica with its stunning blue flowers which may be grown in a boggy spot or in the garden bed.




  • Pseaudacorus             The superior water iris.  Golden flowers in Summer, attractive foliage most of the year.  Ideal for bog gardens or can be submerged in water up to 10cm over top of pot.
  • Kaempheri     A stunning and resilient perennial that grows in wet or dry conditions.  Beautiful large flowers available in a plethora of colours.  We have over 40 varieties of these Japanese irises.
  • Louisiana       A perennial that thrives in moist gardens or shallow water.  Flowers in a variety of colours ranging from white, mauve and pink to yellow.
  • Laevigata       A tall moisture loving plant that may grow up to 4ft.  Has white, blue and purple flowers with grassy foliage.
  • Siberican        Late Spring flowers in a variety of colours.  Moisture loving