Ecosystem Ponds

Looking to add a small pond, a waterfall, creek or even a swim pond with wetland into your garden?  Or do you have an existing pond that needs attention? At Bells Water Gardens we design and build natural eco-system ponds in varying sizes suitable for small courtyards to large properties. Call us for an obligation free onsite visit and quotation.

The Aquascape approach we use in creating a natural pond is quite different in that we work with nature, not against it. We aim to create a complete low maintenance system to provide food, shelter and safety to the wildlife in and around the pond.  The Aquascape components used in the building of an eco-system pond work in synergy with rocks, pebbles, fish and aquatic plants to create an ecological balance and clear water. Turtles, fish, frogs and surrounding wildlife drinking the water all thrive in these ponds.  

DIY Ponds

Take the guesswork out of building your own pond by buying an all inclusive pond kit.  Kits are available in many sizes from 2.4m x 3.3m to 6.4m x 7.9m. Pond kits come complete with all the products required for an eco-system.  Just add rock, water, plants and fish. Depending on the kit purchased, an example of some of the top quality components included are as follows;

Signature Series Skimmer
AquaSurge Pond Pump
Flexible PVC Pipe
EDPM Pond Liner
Geotextile underlay
Check valve assembly
Installation kit 
Automatic dosing system for ponds (eg - benefical bacteria)
LED Lighting Package
Kits come in a range of sizes but all components are available separately.