Recreational Ponds

A recreational pond built by us is a fully living ecosystem water garden to be enjoyed all year with very low maintenance and no chemicals.  The Aquascape system using biological filtration is the perfect solution for sparkling, clean and clear, living water creating healthy habitat for wildlife and us!
Our own recreational pond here onsite at Bells Water Gardens is one of the many ponds we have on display to show what can be achieved in your own garden.  

The necessary Aquascape components required for installation of an entry level 5m x 7m recreational pond are included in our display, including the heavy duty underlay, Firestone pond liner, wetland filtration system, pumps, jets, aeration and underwater lighting.  
The Aquascape Wetland Biological Filter as shown in diagram below illustrates how crystal clear water is achieved in large bodies of water.  Using this system in symbiosis with plants, oxygen and flow the nutrient load in the water is removed and returned to the pond via a waterfall.